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The easiest and quickest way to get around Dordrecht is by bike. Traveling from the train station to the museum, getting from the Waterbus to the city centre. It is very conveniant when there is a bike ready for you. You might be visiting Dordrecht and don't have a bicycle with you, or maybe your bike has a flat tire. Whatever the reason, nextbike is there for you! 

9 Arriva Nextbike stations

Arriva Nextbike gives you the freedom to take a bike from one of the 9 bike stations in the city and to return it to a station of your choice.  There are station located near Dordrecht train station, the two Park & Rides and the Waterbus stop. But you will also find stations near Dordrechts Museum, the Biesboschcentrum and The Movies Dordrecht!

A short ride?  Then you can cycle for free!

Expensive? No way! You don't have to pay per day, you pay half hour. And the first 30 minutes of your ride is always free! If you return the bike at one of the 9 Arriva Nextbike stations within 30 minutes, the ride won't cost you anything. You can take advantage of the free half hour up to 4 times a day.

Rent up to four bikes at the same time!

Want to rent an Arriva Nextbike? All you have to do is download the app or create an account on the website. It's free, it's fast and easy. After that you can rent up to 4 bikes on one account! You can always see the locations and availabilty of the bikes in the app.

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Download the nextbike app!

Download the nextbike app!

Download the nextbike app!