Our Dordrecht network is growing!


Earlier this month we welcomed three new stations to our Dordrecht network:

  • Dordtse Kil III, near bus stop Olivijn on the corner of the Heliotroopring and Labradoriet
  • Rijkstraatweg, near bus stop Rijksstraatweg/motel close to the Postillon Hotel
  • Laan van Europa, next to bus stop Laan van Europa close to the Van der Valk Hotel

  • The new stations complement the 5 existing stations (Dordrecht Central Station, P+R Energiehuis, P+R Weeskinderendijk, Merwekade (Waterbus) and Baanhoekweg/Grevelingenweg) and the 4 virtual stations (Stadskantoor Dordrecht, VVV, The Movies and Biesbosch Visitor Centre) located throughout the city. Check out all the locations here.

    The three stations are strategically located at QBuzz bus stops so users can use a nextbike as a first and last mile solution in addition to the existing regional transport. Download the app, register for free and rent a bike! The first 30 minutes are free in Dordrecht.