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Where can I rent a bike?

The map above will show you the current bike station locations. Select the location by clicking the symbol and the number of available bikes will show. Currently there are  100 bikes available at 9 locations across Maastricht:

  • Maastricht Station
  • Maastricht Station Randwyck

  • Maastricht Station Noord

  • Mosae Forum

  • Keizer Karelplein / Vrijthof

  • Boschstraat / Markt

  • Céramique

  • Provincie Limburg

  • Politie Limburg


Arriva has the intention to grow the system together with the Province of Limburg in the next 2 years. Together with Maastricht Bereikbaar and her partners the plan is to grow the Maastricht system to 250 bikes at 25 different locations during the pilotfase.